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Nicole Simone is a singer-songwriter new wave influenced indie pop artist. She describes her songs as cinematic surf pop. That's fine. A spicy pisces. Born on an official hangover day. Does not eat fish (or other animals). Born in Toronto. Spent a good portion of her childhood and adulthood in So-Cal. Bi-coastal. First generation Sicilian. Feels most at home eating with and around knives.

Initially got into music to be a death metal shredder. Failed. Bought a telecaster guitar. Can swear with precision in French. Obsessed with weather and the planet Jupiter. Is in it to win it. Lives with a rare life threatening condition.

As a young child was frequently known to ride around her neighborhood with a boom box on her shoulder blaring Beach Boys "Pet Sounds". Got kicked out of Catholic school for wearing black socks. Rarely has other people appear in photos with her, not by choice. She has no shadow.

Despite contrary reports, her favourite month is October.


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